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We are delighted to open the 2020 BJGT season with the Winter Cup at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts Portal Golf Club, in Cheshire.

The Championship Course at Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa opened in 1990, was named ‘Golf Course of the Year’ in 1995, and is the star of Portal’s golfing complex. Designer Donald Steel has created a challenge that is characterised by unique and distinctive holes; expansive water hazards and cascading waterfalls are among the tests.

BJGT OOM points and trophies will be available each day and we will be crowning an overall champion in each division after 18 or 36 holes (depending on category).
The overall champions on Tuesday (18th Feb) will be those players with the lowest aggregate gross score over 2 days. Players completing both days will be awarded 30 bonus OOM points.

Please note that the boys in the Junior Open division will be playing off the yellow tees, standard scratch 72.

Please arrange any practice round(s) directly with the club. Contact the pro shop on 01829 734160.

Event Information

Tour Policy:
We highly recommend that you read our Tour Policy, showing all you need to know about the rules and regulations regarding playing an event with the British Junior Golf Tour.

Caddie Rules
Players are permitted one caddie to assist them on the course; they are there to help with pace of play by carrying the bag, handing clubs and raking bunkers, etc.
A caddie will be wearing a caddie bib collected from the BJGT team at the start of the day, and they will need to return their caddie bib at the end of play.
Coaching is not permitted, lining up is not permitted, and NO assistance may be given on the green.
Caddies are to stay off the greens at all times.

Pace of Play
This is a very important aspect of the game and one that we are constantly monitoring at events!
9 holes should take no longer than 2 – 2 1/4 hours and 18 holes no longer than 4 – 4 1/2 hours.
It is a requirement that all groups keep pace with the preceding group, NOT just keep ahead of the group behind!
‘Play-ready golf’ – be prepared to play before it’s your turn, walk between shots at a good pace, leave the green once you have finished a hole and mark your card on the next tee.
Unless there is a mitigating circumstance, i.e. a ruling is required (in which case the group behind should be called through), slow play will be monitored and penalised in the usual way. If a group does not finish within 15 minutes of the group in front, a penalty of 2 strokes will be added to all players in the group.  We will be very strict on this rule in 2020, so caddies and players, please encourage your playing partners to play at the recommended speed.

Please ensure that you check the link again prior to the event on Monday 17th Feb, as there WILL be updates to the start sheets.

Tee times for Days 2 will be published once play from Day 1 has finished.


11-12 Boys Day 1

Junior Open Day 1

6/Under Day 1

7-8 Day 1

9-10 Day 1

11-12 Boys Day 2

Junior Open Day 2

6/Under Day 2

7-8 Day 2

9-10 Day 2

Leader board

Schedule of Events

Sunday 16th Feb

Optional practice day (please book directly with the club)

6 pm………Buffet (Italian)

(if you are arriving on 16th Feb, please see the event email for information on how to book the optional buffet dinner)


Monday 17th Feb – Tournament Day 1 (First Tee, Championship Course, 8:30 am)

7.30 am onwards……….Registration
6 pm…………Trophy and prize giving
6.15 pm……..Buffet (‘Best of British’) and Golf Quiz

(please see the event email for information on how to book the optional buffet dinner; everyone is welcome to join us for the quiz)


Tuesday 18th Feb – Tournament Day 2 (First Tee, Championship Course, 8:30 am)

7.30 am onwards…………Registration
2.00 pm onwards……Trophy and prize giving
(as the different categories finish play)


Please note:

Players are not allowed to practise on the course in-between tournament days. No player is allowed to practise on the course the morning of each tournament day. Non-adherence to these rules will result in disqualification.

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