Objective of the British Junior Golf Tour

The main objective of the British Junior Golf Tour is to provide regular competitive, challenging, fun and affordable junior golf competitions across the UK.
We also aim to: 
Host a UK National Grand Final.
 Give players the opportunity to play in competitions in different parts of the world.
 Help every child enjoy the sport of golf.

Junior Golf Tour
Steve Adams

Steve Adams (Tour Director)

The British Junior Golf Tour was started when its founder, Steve Adams, discovered a shortage of junior events for his son to play in when aged five. Steve felt that it would be more enjoyable for his son to play against juniors his own age rather than much older and bigger players, so the concept was born and the Tour was set up in 2005. Since then, BJGT has provided a platform for juniors to test themselves against their peers, with many going on to represent England and into the professional ranks. Steve is usually the starter on the 1st tee and the one in charge of scoring and presentations.

Neil Randall (Tour Director)

In 2016, Neil Randall joined forces with Steve to revamp the BJGT, and working together, the tour is going from strength to strength. Neil built and runs the website (including bookings, payments, etc.), is the head photographer for the BJGT, designs all the banners, posters, trophies, etc, and is in charge of all commercial operations. Neil works with Steve and Delia to deliver junior golf tournaments of the highest quality. Both Neil and Steve work full time on the BJGT.

Delia Randall (Tour Director)

Delia (Neil’s wife) helps out with much of the work behind the scenes. She also runs the social media for the BJGT, acts as media and player liaison, and generally ensures that the BJGT is ticking along nicely.


The British Junior Golf Tour has junior golf at its heart and our sole aim is to increase the opportunities for young golfers to show just how good they are.
As one of the few organisations in the UK to promote the use of caddies, we are encouraging families to come out and enjoy the game together.
We take great pride in playing a small role in establishing each youngster’s lifelong passion for golf.