Age Related Tee (ART) Course Lengths

The ART System is designed to make the game more playable for everyone, every round more fun and ultimately the club more successful

Pushing The Game Forward

It’s not new information that the game of golf is struggling to grow!
Golf courses are getting longer and harder, and ultimately less attractive for juniors to take on for the first time.
If adults were asked to play par 3’s at 200yds, par 4’s at 500yds and par 5’s at 600yds plus, there would be very few players left and yet the game expects juniors to tackle equivalent lengths – why?

There is a simple and proven way to allow every player, regardless of age, to be able to enjoy the same course, over the same holes, with the same par – The ART System!

Proven Results

This is not just speculation or ideology, we at the BJGT have proved the system works.
Our results speak for themselves, the enjoyment of the players speaks for itself and the appreciation of the parents speaks volumes.

9 Holes Categories
6/Under Boys Gross – Blue Tee, 1500 Yards
6/Under Girls Gross – Blue Tee, 1500 Yards
7-8 Boys Gross – Black Tee, 2000 Yards
7-8 Girls Gross – Black Tee, 2000 Yards
9-10 Boys Gross – Red Tee
9-10 Girls Gross – Red Tee

18 Holes Categories
9-12 Boys Gross – Red Tee Junior Open
9-12 Boys Net – Red Tee Junior Open
Junior Open Girls Gross – Red Tee
Junior Open Girls Net – Red Tee
Junior Open Boys Gross – White Tee
Junior Open Boys Net – White Tee

Under the World Handicapping System coming into force from 2020, Red, Yellow and White Tee’s will all have slope and ratings for boys and girls.

Scaling Your Course

ART and setting the correct distance is more than just putting markers in the fairway!
This system requires players to be playing similar shots into each green, for example if a par 4 for an average adult requires a drive and 8-iron approach then it should also require these shots for an 8 year old.
All players should face similar challenges on every hole, hazards should be in play and require thought, therefore testing their course management skills regardless of age.


Junior footballers play on reduced size pitches with smaller goals, would 8 year old’s enjoy it quite so much running round a full size pitch or standing in front of a huge goal?
Junior tennis players play on smaller courts, with lower nets, would tennis be as much fun if they played on a full size court and a net taller than them, from the age of 6?

We should not expect our junior golfers to play on courses designed for adults, specifically designed short courses are not always available or feasible but adapting the courses we have is relatively easy.
We truly believe the ART System is the way forward for junior golf, this is how we encourage the next generation to take up golf, enjoy playing and ensure they maintain this enjoyment throughout their lives.