Explaining all you need to know about playing on the British Junior Golf Tour in 2020.

You don’t have to have a handicap.
You don’t have to be a member of a golf club.
You don’t have to be a member of the BJGT, although there are benefits associated with membership.
Anyone can play at our events!
What is essential, you must ENJOY GOLF!

Age group and handicap qualifying events.

Competition Levels

Age Qualifying Date: 24th June 2020 (unless specified on the event page)

6 & Under (blue tee) – 9 holes – Gross
7-8 (black tee) – 9 holes – Gross
9-10 (red tee) – 9 holes – Gross
Age-related competitions on shortened courses, played over nine holes. Age 9-10 plays off the red tees, over nine holes.
Once younger players obtain a CONGU handicap, they can, if they choose, play in either their own age group competition or the full 18-hole Junior Open (Under 18) competition.

Age 11-12  boys (red tee) – 18 holes – Gross

Once players in this division obtain a CONGU handicap, they can, if they choose, play in either their own age group competition or the full Junior Open (Under 18) event. This division will be handicap-qualifying for girls, but non-qualifying for boys.

Age 13-17 (11-17 girls) (Junior Open/Under 18): boys (white tee) and girls (red tee) – 18 holes – Gross and Net
Handicap-qualifying competitions for players aged 7 to 17 years, with a maximum CONGU handicap of 28 for Boys & 36 for Girls, played over 18 holes.

Age Qualifying Date: 24th June 2020

Born between   25th June 2014 – onwards              Age 5 – (Enter 6/Under)
Born between   25th June 2013 – 24th June 2014   Age 6 – (Enter 6/Under)
Born between   25th June 2012 – 24th June 2013   Age 7 – (Enter 7-8 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2011 – 24th June 2012   Age 8 – (Enter 7-8 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2010 – 24th June 2011   Age 9 – (Enter 9-10 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2009 – 24th June 2010   Age 10 – (Enter 9-10 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2008 – 24th June 2009   Age 11 – (Enter 11-12 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2007 – 24th June 2008   Age 12 – (Enter 11-12 or Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2006 – 24th June 2007   Age 13 – (Enter Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2005 – 24th June 2006   Age 14 – (Enter Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2004 – 24th June 2005   Age 15 – (Enter Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2003 – 24th June 2004   Age 16 – (Enter Junior Open)
Born between   25th June 2002 – 24th June 2003   Age 17 – (Enter Junior Open)

Approximate Yardages for younger age categories (9 Holes)

Boys & Girls

Par 3

Par 4

Par 5

Total (9 Holes)

6 & Under










Event Entry

Age Qualifying Date: 24th June 2020 (unless specified on the event page)

Two main reasons for this date: it minimizes changes for the Junior World Championships age groups, which is a couple of weeks later, and the other is that players will only play a maximum of half the season in the ‘wrong’ age group.

There are a couple of exceptions (e.g. Junior World Championships qualifiers), but any changes will be specified on the individual event page.

As a member of the BJGT, you will receive a membership entry code that will give you 20% discount for every standard event entered. If you choose to become a member of the BJGT, you must purchase membership first, then use the code provided via email to enter events.

Entering a BJGT tournament couldn’t be easier: just fill out the online entry form and select one or more events, you will then be asked for payment of the entry fee(s), and finally you’ll receive an email confirming your entry.
After the closing date, which is usually seven days prior, all entrants will be listed on the tee sheet and displayed on the competition page.
It is the responsibility of the player to know his or her own tee time.
All tee times and groupings are subject to change and you must check again before travelling.

Arriving at the event
Registration opens 1 hour before the first tee time. At the venue, look for our BJGT registration desk and make yourself known to the Event Secretary.
Once you have signed in, you will receive your scorecard and confirmation of your tee time and groupings.

You must be at the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.
Late arrival to the tee may result in two stroke penalty or disqualification.
The Event starter will announce on the tee each player’s name before he or she tees off.
It is acceptable to applaud and give a warm welcome to every player.
All players must walk unless there has been a prior agreement with tournament organisers.


Trophies will be awarded in each division at every competition, depending on the following conditions:

Girls will play for separate trophies at events where there are 3 or more in any division. Order of Merit points, however, will be awarded depending on the overall position as a mixed competition.

9-Hole Age Divisions:
Ten or more players – Top three. Between five and nine players – Top two. Four or fewer players – Winner only.
If an age category has 3 or more girls playing, the girls will have their own trophies.

18-Hole Divisions:
Gross – Winner, Runner-Up and 3rd for both Boys and Girls, depending on entries.
Net – Winner, Runner-Up and 3rd, Boys and Girls combined.
Girls will play for separate Gross trophies at events where there are 3 or more in the Mixed Age category.

In 2020, countback will decide the overall positions where the BJGT is running the event on the day, as well as at affiliated events, which are run by specific clubs on the day.

Junior World Championships Qualifier:
Ten or more players – Top three. Between five and nine players – Top two. Four or fewer players – Winner only.

In the event of a tie, the winner and runner-up places at the Junior World Championships Qualifiers will be decided by a sudden death play-off.

Spot prizes may also be on offer at certain events.
The presentation at each event will take place after play in each division has finished, except for the Tour Championship, where there will be a single presentation once all play has concluded.

This is an important part of every event, since it allows players and families to socialise and is an excellent opportunity to interact with other players. Hence we always encourage players to stay for the presentation. However, during COVID-19, this does not apply, as we encourage players who are not in a Top 3 position to make their way home after their round.

Tournament Field

The field may be limited at certain events, depending on tee time or light restrictions.
Places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, with a waiting list in operation once full.  Members of the BJGT will have priority on the reserve list.

Tee Times

Tee times will be on the website at least three days before the event.

Order of Merit

The 2020 British Junior Golf Tour Order of Merit will run from the first event, 17th February, through to the Tour Championship at Foxhills GC, in October.
Points will be awarded at each event listed on the BJGT schedule, up to and including the Tour Championship (excluding the IMG Academy Junior World Championship Qualifiers).

Amendment: Due to Covid-19 cancellation (18 of them!), we have had to reduce the number of OOM counting events to 8 rather than the original 10.

The 2020 Order of Merit will be a ‘best of’ series, which will take players’ top 8 results across the season; however, you do not need to play in 8 events to appear in the Order of Merit.

Qualification for the Tour Championship will be based on a player’s position on the Order of Merit following the final tour event.

  • 6 & Under – Top 21
  • 7-8 – Top 15
  • 9-10 – Top 15
  • 11-12 – Top 15
  • Mixed Division – Gross – Top 9
  • Mixed Division – Net – Top 9 (Not already qualified through Gross OOM)

Players may feature in more than one division – for example, a 9-year old with a CONGU handicap of 28 may play in either their age division, or the main ‘Mixed Division’ from white tees, at any event, and earn the relevant points for their finishing position. Should they qualify for the Tour Championship in both divisions, it will be their choice as to which division they play at that event.

Special Scoring Events:

The 2-day season opener will carry event points on each day, with an additional 30 bonus points being awarded to every player playing both days.
The 3-day event will carry event points on each of the 3 days, with an additional 50 bonus points being awarded to every player playing all 3 days.

Tour Champion:
The 2020 BJGT Tour Champion of each division will be decided following the conclusion of play at Foxhills GC, once the points earned have been added from that event.

The table shows the points system in place.

Points example:
In a field of 20 players, the winner would receive 50 points plus 20 bonus points (the number of players they beat), giving an event total of 70 points.
The runner up would receive 41 points plus 19 bonus points, giving a total 60.

Pace of Play

This is a very important aspect of the game and one we are constantly monitoring at events!

9 holes should take no longer then 2 – 2 1/4 hours and 18 holes no longer than 4 – 4 1/2 hours.

It is a requirement that all groups keep pace with the preceding group, NOT just keep ahead of the group behind!
‘Play-ready golf’ – be prepared to play before it’s your turn, walk between shots at a good pace, leave the green once you have finished a hole and mark your card on the next tee.
Unless there is a mitigating circumstance, i.e. a ruling is required (in which case the group behind should be called through), slow play will be monitored and penalised in the usual way. If a group does not finish within 15 minutes of the group in front, a penalty of 2 strokes will be added to all players in the group.


Electronic Measuring Devices

Distance only devices, GPS or rangefinders, are permitted for all players; slope measuring devices are not allowed.

Tournament Withdrawals

This should be done via email to golf@juniorgolftour.co.uk or text 07747 847857/07817 238849, as soon as a player is aware that he/she can no longer take part. Also, if you receive any email from the BJGT asking you to confirm the player’s attendance, please do so as soon as possible.

Cancellation policy – tournament fee:
0-5 days prior to the event – no refund
6-21 days prior to the event – 50% refund, minus £5 administration fee
22+ days prior to the event – full refund, minus £5 administration fee
Refunds will be processed at the end of each month.

Should a player not turn up to an event, without prior notice, a warning will be issued.
If this happens on a second occasion, they will be banned from the next BJGT event entered or for 1 calendar month, depending on the schedule.

Event Cancellation

British Junior Golf Tour always endeavours to run all tournaments as advertised; however, in the event of any competition being cancelled by the BJGT or the hosting venue due to reasons outside our or their control (e.g. weather), the website will be updated immediately; players will then be notified asap by email, text or phone and we will always try to reschedule the event. We strongly recommend that all players purchase golf insurance to cover entry fees, accommodation and travel.
If the event is cancelled due to reasons outside our control, we will offer a credit code for the amount owed, or a refund can be given minus a £5 administration fee.
If an event is cancelled due to insufficient entries, the BJGT will refund the full entry fee.

Affiliated Events

As the largest junior golf tour in the UK, we at the BJGT are fully aware that events are needed in more areas of the country to enable more junior golfers to compete without having to travel very long distances.
Some of you will know that we gave a limited number of clubs from around the UK the opportunity to host a BJGT affiliated event; the response has been amazing, so these events are now being listed on the 2020 schedule.
There are only a certain number of events that the BJGT team can actually run themselves on the day, so these affiliated events will be operated by officials from the host clubs, although we may have a BJGT director overseeing those on the day.
However, players will still get the same experience as with BJGT-run events: banners on the first tee, registration, card signing and prize giving.
The course setup will remain exactly the same, with age-related categories for those aged 12 and under (with the younger age groups playing from reduced yardage tees), as well as a Junior Open from competition tees.
Order of Merit points will be awarded as usual, using the same format, so the standard will be maintained throughout all events.
Due to logistics, caddie bibs will not be in use at affiliated events.
These new events are an exciting development for the BJGT, as we look to link junior golf events across the UK, thus providing a Tour to benefit junior golfers everywhere.
We anticipate an increase of these events year-on-year, as new clubs come on board looking to be part of the BJGT.

Caddie Policy

We firmly believe that players should be permitted assistance during a competition, therefore juniors are allowed one caddie to help them on the course.

Caddies may pull or carry the bag, clean clubs, rake bunkers, and, if asked, give basic shot advice. For players with a seat on their trolley, they must not be seated whilst the trolley is moving.

Players are permitted one caddie to assist them on the course; they are there to help with pace of play by carrying the bag, handing clubs and raking bunkers, etc.

  • Coaching, in any form, is NOT permitted; leave this for the range.
  • Caddies must NOT line up a player! Lining up is not permitted (rule 10.2b).
  • NO assistance may be given on the green.

You may pick out a line or target, but then move from behind the player – Adjusting left and right is not allowed.

  • Caddies are NOT permitted to give advice or assistance on the green.
  • Caddies must wear a caddie bib, collected from the BJGT team at the start of the day, and returned at the end. (not applicable during COVID-19)
  • And finally: caddies, please do not be critical on the course, this does not help! Please offer encouragement and stay positive!

Failure to adhere to these rules will be penalised.

Academy Rules

Academy Rules
6&Under and 7-8 age groups have the following ‘Academy Rules‘; these are designed to keep the game fun, to stop younger players becoming demoralised and keep play moving:

  • 10-Shot maximum per hole
  • After 3 failed shots to escape a bunker, players may take a free drop to the side of the hazard, only counting the 3 failed shots.
  • All water hazards are considered ‘Lateral’, so take a penalty drop to the side of the hazard where possible, but should a stream cross the hole, a drop may be taken on the other side of the hazard (meaning players don’t have to hit over the water a second time).
  • Out of Bounds is considered a ‘Lateral Hazard’, so drop a ball back in play 2 club lengths from where the original shot crossed the boundary, with a 1-shot penalty.
  • Caddies may help tee the ball up when playing from the tee, although lining up is not permitted (rule 10.2b, as above).  Caddies may mark their player’s ball on the green and attend flags; it is hoped that players will learn these skills as they play on the Tour.


All spectators should stay off fairways, tees and greens and walk in front of the group they are watching; this way, you won’t be causing a delay to the group behind or in any danger of being hit. However, during COVID-19, we would advise family and friends, who would usually spectate, not to attend.

Photography and Videography

There will be an event photographer/videographer at all BJGT competitions, plus a media photographer/videographer at some events.
As a standard condition of entry, photos and videos may be used by British Junior Golf Tour for all promotional purposes. This includes website, newsletters, newspaper publications and social media.
If you don’t wish for photos or videos to be taken or used, please inform us via email at the time of entry.
Photos will be available to purchase after the event.

Accident and Injuries

Competitors play at their own risk. Spectators and caddies also walk the course at their own risk.
BJGT takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that happen at any of the events.
We do recommend that all players have golf insurance, covering personal and 3rd parties.

Code of Conduct

The British Junior Golf Tour runs high quality, professional, and fun competitions for all junior players.
Players and parents must abide by the Rules of Golf and maintain good golfing etiquette both on and off the course.

Unsportsman-like conduct, including abusive language, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors.
Deliberate miss-counting of shots.
Any abusive behaviour to any other persons and property at the Golf Club.
Any breach of these rules may cause a ban from attending future BJGT events, and persons guilty of improper conduct at any competition will be asked to leave.
In the event of any unresolved issues, parents should speak, in private, to the BJGT Directors at an agreed time and not in front of children.
BJGT officials decisions are final.