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For the third consecutive year, the magnificent Foxhills Golf Resort in Surrey is the chosen venue for the BJGT Tour Championship and a highlight for the juniors who have earned their place into this fantastic event.
Despite the difficulties that 2020 has brought, the BJGT has seen a thrilling season-long Order of Merit race, and the Tour Championship promises to be a spectacular conclusion.
If you would like to have a practice round, please contact the club directly, but note that there is no availability on Saturday, 17 October.
Please ensure that you click on the link below to read the BJGT COVID-19 guidelines.

Points to remember for Foxhills:

Please do not arrive at Foxhills too early on the day of the tournament, the venue is keen to keep the number of people on site at any one time to a minimum.

Please register and collect your scorecard at the event desk (this will be located upstairs in the clubhouse), 30-45 minutes prior to your start time. Registration will open at 9.15 am.

Warming Up:
This is to be undertaken on the driving range, putting green or practice facilities that the club have. Players are not allowed to warm up on the course before the event.

Start Time:
Please make sure that you are on the putting green at least 15 minutes before your start time, then at the first tee 10 minutes prior to your start time to meet your playing partners and get instructions from the starter (and to avoid penalties!).

We have been asked to keep numbers to a minimum, so only one parent/caddie should accompany their player.

This should be done on your scorecard as normal, but please do not sign your card until a member of the BJGT team at the scoring desk has gone through it with you and your playing partners.

Presentations will be carried out as soon as each division has finished and we have been asked that players who are not in the trophies for the day, or in the OOM trophies, leave as soon as they finish their round. No more than 30 people are allowed in the clubhouse at any one time, so we would very much appreciate your cooperation.

Tee times are available via the link below. These should not change too much, as we don’t anticipate any withdrawals from this event, but please ensure that you check the link again prior to the event on Sunday 18th October, as there may be some updates.


Manor Course
6 & Under Division – 18 holes (2 x 9 holes) – Gross

Longcross Course

11-12 Division (red tee) – 18 holes – Gross
Junior Open Division, boys (white tee) and girls (red tee) – 18 holes – Gross and Net

Bernard Hunt Course
7-8 Division (black tee) – 18 holes – Gross
9-10 Division (red tee) – 18 holes – Gross

Remember, even if you cannot climb the Order of Merit into the Top 3, you are still playing for some fantastic trophies on the day. You may not win the Order of Merit and become the Tour Champion, but you can become the Winner of the Tour Championship, which is being played on the day.


Event Information

Tour Policy:
We highly recommend that you read our Tour Policy.

Pace of Play:
Please be mindful of your group’s pace of play or penalty strokes are liable to be enforced for all players in your group.

Be ready to play when it is your turn, do not take more than 2 practice swings, walk quickly between shots and holes, and keep up with the group in front – caddies, please treat this as one of your responsibilities. Rounds should take approximately 4 hours. If you are over 2 hours to the 10th tee, please increase your pace of play for the back 9. Finishing more than 15 minutes behind the group in front may result in a 2-shot penalty for each player in your group. Make sure that you keep sight of the group in front. Should you lose a hole through a lost ball (remember, you only have 3 minutes to look for your ball!), etc., please let the group behind through.

Caddie rules:

Caddies, please do not be critical on the course, this does not help! Please offer encouragement and stay positive; please respect your own player and those in your group. Should we hear any reports of unacceptable behaviour, those responsible will be removed from the course.
Only one caddie is permitted for each player. If you have purchased a BJGT Caddie Bib, please remember to bring it along to wear on the course. Caddies are there to assist, not coach, and they must stay off the greens at all times (caddies of players 6 & Under and 7-8 may assist on the greens with marking of balls).

Should anyone witness inappropriate behaviour, or slow play in your group, please text 07747 847857 from the course, with your group and location, and we will get someone out to review the situation.

We sincerely hope that this will not be necessary!

Academy Rules
6&Under and 7-8 age groups have the following ‘Academy Rules‘; these are designed to keep the game fun, to stop younger players becoming demoralised and keep play moving:

  • 10-Shot maximum per hole
  • After 3 failed shots to escape a bunker, players may take a free drop to the side of the hazard, only counting the 3 failed shots.
  • All water hazards are considered ‘Lateral’, so take a penalty drop to the side of the hazard where possible, but should a stream cross the hole, a drop may be taken on the other side of the hazard (meaning players don’t have to hit over the water a second time).
  • Out of Bounds is considered a ‘Lateral Hazard’, so drop a ball back in play 2 club lengths from where the original shot crossed the boundary, with a 1-shot penalty.
  • Caddies may help tee the ball up when playing from the tee, although lining up is not permitted (rule 10.2b, as above).  Caddies may mark their player’s ball on the green; it is hoped that players will learn these skills as they play on the Tour.

Distance Measuring Devices:
Range finders and GPS devices are allowed, as long as they measure distance only.

All events are played using standard R&A strokeplay rules.

It is a player’s and caddie’s responsibility to learn the rules of golf, and penalties will be applied if rules are broken.
Here is a link to the R&A website, where you will find great videos explaining the 2019 rule changes. https://www.randa.org/

Food is NOT included in your entry fee.

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