It’s FREE to sign up.
Anyone can play at our events!
What is essential, you must ENJOY GOLF!

You don’t have to have a handicap.
You don’t have to be a member of a club.
You don’t even have to become a member.
Please check individual events for qualifying ages and dates.

Event Entry

Entering a BJGT tournament couldn't be easier, just fill out the online entry form and select one or more events, you will then be asked for payment of the entry fee(s), and finally you’ll receive an email confirming your entry.
After the closing date, which is usually seven days prior, all entrants will be listed on the tee sheet and displayed on the competition page.
It is the responsibility of the player to know his or her own tee time.
All tee times are subject to change and you must check before traveling.

Arriving at the event
Registration opens 1 hour before the first tee time. At the venue look for our BJGT registration desk and make yourself known to the Event Secretary.
Once you have signed in, you will receive your scorecard and confirmation of your tee time and groupings.

You must be at the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.
Late arrival to the tee may result in two stroke penalty or disqualification.
The Event starter will announce on the tee each player's name before he or she tees off.
It is acceptable to applaud and give a warm welcome to every player.

Competition Levels

British Junior Golf Tour - 9 holes
Age group competitions for younger players without handicaps.
Age related tees on shorter courses over nine holes.
Six & Under, 7-8 and 9-10.
Once younger players obtain a CONGU handicap they can choose to play in either their own age group competition or the full 18-hole event.

British Junior Golf Tour - 18 holes
Competitions for players with a CONGU handicap, played over 18 or 36 holes.
Players with handicaps of 13 or better play from white tees (girls red).
Players with handicaps of 14-28 play from yellow tees (girls red).


Trophies or medals are awarded in each division at every competition, depending on the following conditions...
Ten or more players - Top three.
Between four to nine players - Top two.
Fewer than three players - Winner only.
In the event of a tie, the result will be decided by countback in the usual way.
Winner and runner-up places at Junior World Championship events will be decided by a sudden death play-off.
Spot prizes may also be on offer at certain events.
Winners of each division at every event will receive an automatic invite to the Grand Final.

The presentation will take place after play in each division has finished. This is an important part of every event, since it allows players and families to socialise and is an excellent opportunity to interact with other players. So we always encourage players to stay for the presentation.
Any player placed in the top three of the gross and net within their division will be presented with the prize for the best position regardless of whether it is gross or net. The same player cannot win both gross and net. The prize is then passed down to the next player. If a player is tied in both gross and net, then gross position will count.

Tournament Field

The field may be limited at certain events, depending on tee time or light restrictions.
Places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, with a waiting list in operation once full.

Tee Times

Tee times will be on the website three days before the event.

Order of Merit

Points will be awarded at each event of the Super Six.
Qualification for the Grand Final will be based on a player’s position in the Order of Merit following the final event.
Due to the nature of the event at Park Hill, Challenge and Elite Divisions could not be allocated points due to players competing in varying age groups playing from different tees. Therefore, the Order of Merit for these groups will now be based on three scores from the five regular Super Six events.
Players in the 6/Under, 7/8 and 9/10 division need to play four out of six to qualify for the order of merit. The four best scores count.
The table below show the points system in place.


Points example:
In a field of 20 players, the winner would receive 30 points plus 19 for the number of players they beat, giving an event total of 49 points.
The runner up would receive 25 points plus 18, total 43.

Live Scoring

The system is designed to enhance the players experience playing on the BJGT but please be aware this is a first trial run so please bear with us if there are any teething problems.
Pace of play will be vitally important on Sunday to ensure everyone gets round before dark, so we hope the live scoring doesn’t slow play down.
Each group will have one handheld device for entering their groups score after each hole, this should done by an adult in each group, and viewing the leaderboard should only be done when it doesn't cause any delay.
Please Note: This system does not replace your scorecard!
• The Handset will already be logged in to the system and you will see the players in your group on the screen, along with the hole and current score.
• The bottom button on the right side of the handset will turn the screen back on, then swipe up to return to the scoring page.
• After each hole enter the scores for each player into the relevant box and click ‘Next’ this will then move you on to the next hole and update your score on the leaderboard.
• All leaderboard scores will be gross score, for both 9 and 18 hole competitions.
• Click the ‘Leaderboard’ button to view at any point to view, then the < arrow at the bottom of the handset to return to the scoring. • If you should get an empty box with an ‘OK’ button appear at any point, just click ‘OK’ and it will disappear. • If for any reason the handset logs out, just click the only icon on the home screen and this will re-enter the system. You will be given a unique id. no. for your group and a password, simply enter these on the login screen and you will return to the system. • If anything goes wrong, please put the handset away and just continue with your round without it, this will make no difference to the recording of scores as this will still be done using your card as usual.

Slow Play

It is a requirement that all groups keep pace with the preceding group, NOT just to keep ahead of the group behind!
Play ‘ready golf’ be prepared to play before it’s your turn, walk between shots at a good pace, leave the green once you have finished a hole and mark your card on the next tee.
Unless there is a mitigating circumstance i.e. a ruling is required (in which case the group behind should be called through) slow play will be monitored and penalised in the usual way.

Electronic Measuring Devises

Distance only devices, GPS or rangefinders, are permitted for all players, slope measuring devices are not allowed.

Tournament Withdrawals

This should be done via email to or phone 07747 847857.
Players may withdraw from events up to five days before the competition and receive a refund or credit note.
Withdrawal later than five days before and the entry fee is forfeited.

Event Cancellation

British Junior Golf Tour always endeavour to run all tournaments as advertised, however in the event of any competition being cancelled, possibly due to the weather, the website will be updated immediately, players will then be notified asap by email, text or phone.
All entries fees will be refunded or carried over to a future tournament.

Caddie Policy

Juniors are permitted one caddie to help them on the course, coaching is not allowed.
The role of the caddie is to support, advise on club selection and shot required, but they must allow the player to take responsibility for their own golf game.
Caddies are NOT permitted to give advice or assistance on the green.
One caddie may tend the flag (is this needed?)
Pace of play is paramount for an enjoyable round. Caddies should prepare the player for the next shot without delay in order to maintain pace with the group in front.


All spectators should stay off fairways, tees and greens and walk in front of the group you are watching, this way you won't be causing a delay to the group behind or in any danger of being hit.


There will be an event photographer at all BJGT competitions, plus a media photographer.
As a standard condition of entry, pictures may be used by British Junior Golf Tour for all promotional purposes. This includes website, newsletters and newspaper publications.
If you don't wish for pictures to be taken or used, please inform us via email at the time of entry.
Photos will be available to purchase after the event.

Accident and Injuries

Competitors play at their own risk. Spectators walk the course also at their own risk.
BJGT takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that happen at any of the events.

Code of Conduct

The British Junior Golf Tour runs high quality, professional, and fun competitions for all junior players.
Players and parents must abide by the Rules of Golf and maintain good golfing etiquette both on and off the course.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors.
Deliberate miss-counting of shots.
Any abusive behaviour to any other persons and property at the Golf Club.
Any breach of these rules may cause a ban from attending future BJGT events, and persons guilty of improper conduct at any competition will be asked to leave.
In the event of any unresolved issues, parents should speak, in private, to the BJGT Directors at an agreed time and not in front of children.
BJGT officials decisions are final.