Even the great professional golfers recognise that ‘keeping it simple – SMART’ (what MyGolfMind calls the KISS principle) is the secret to playing great golf.


The latest to recognise this is Jordan Spieth (three times major winner – but without a win since the 2017 Open at Royal Birkdale) at the first American golf competition at the 2020 Charles Schwab Challenge, Colonial Golf Club, back after the pandemic break. Please take note of what Jordan has to say and when you next play golf – go out and enjoy yourself and have fun.

MyGolfMind guarantees that you will get a great deal more satisfaction than when you go out grinding a score!


Jordan was asked “What’s the one thing about golf that you wish you knew then that you know now”? His reply is perhaps not too surprising as he said “Honestly I wish I played with the mentality I had back then than now

You over think the game the more you’re out and you just want to play as a kid, free-wheel it and have fun. So, I’d tell myself to just keep my head down, focus on why you love the game – try and hit the cart-picker on the range, try and hit that flop slice 5 iron, try and punch and hit the flag stick. Just don’t take it too seriously, cause I didn’t back then.

The only times the games been difficult to me is when I do take it seriously, so just try and keep your head down, have fun, play as much golf as you can, play with friends. Just enjoy that competition in just the way I grew up loving it”.

So, what has been stopping you going out and playing like a kid again? I often see many golfers (and I’ve been guilty at times!) just going out and being in some form of stupor hitting ball after ball until it goes in the hole without giving any shot any thought – mindless instead of being in a state of mindfulness!


Firstly, consider why you play the game of golf?

Whatever it is for you, whether you’re an amateur, professional, youth or high handicapper play with the freedom of just enjoying yourself, being out on the golf course and being with fellow golfers. When appropriate go and have a few lessons with the club professional to improve your shot making skills.

We’re beginning to see a greater number of putting coaches and golf fitness trainers, who are well worth seeking out. And why not not check out a performance coach / sports psychologist to ensure that your mental tenacity is as strong as it could be. Whatever you do play as much golf as is possible to gain the experience and learnings to be the best golfer that you can be – and remember play golf as Jordan Spieth says, ‘as though you were a kid again’!


And until next time – remember keep it on the fairway …

MyGolfMind offers performance coaching /sports psychology either face to face (observing social distance rules) and via Skype or Zoom to youth, amateur and professional golfers.


Keith Haynes
Northamptonshire’s First and Only Master Mind Factor Coach

Keith Haynes

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