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The British Junior Golf Tour is delighted to announce that they are partnering with the Melanoma Fund this year, to ensure that their messaging around sun protection for all is as effective as possible.

BJGT organisers will be getting the Tour Sun Protection Accredited to two awareness campaigns run by the charity: The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, which is designed to ensure coaches and outdoor activity leaders improve their provision of sun protection to KS2 children, and Slip! Slap! Swing! which targets 13+ players, staff and spectators.

With rates of skin cancer rising each year in UK, it makes sense to build health habits into routines. Although this is easier to do with young people who play sports that require lots of time outdoors without adequate shade, it is important for all to understand the risks and take preventative action.

The Melanoma Fund will be attending the BJGT Summer Cup in July, contested over three days, at the fantastic Belton Woods.

The charity will be providing skin checks, advice and free sunscreen for all players, encouraging all who attend to look more carefully at their sun protection habits.

Says Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund: “We are delighted to be working with the British Junior Golf Tour, helping the organisers create positive messaging around sun protection to all, with targeting messages. The best way to tackle skin cancer is by prevention and our campaigns do just that with a toolkit full of useful resources.”

For further information regarding the Melanoma Fund’s national prevention campaigns and how to get your organisation Sun Protection Accredited, go to http://www.melanoma-fund.co.uk



Why those in golf are at risk

Melanoma is the UK’s 5th most common cancer, with incidence in women doubling, and in men trebling, in the last thirty years. Those who play or work in golf are recognised to be at high risk due to three main factors:


A round can lead to prolonged sun exposure when UV levels are at their strongest, typically between 11.00am-3.00pm, from March to October.


Courses provide little shade, and highly UV reflective surfaces.


Players tend to avoid reapplying sunscreen due to lapsed habits, and to avoid a ‘greasy grip’ as a result of sunscreen application.

The good news is that melanoma, and all other forms of skin cancer, are mainly preventable, simply by using sun protection. By becoming Sun Protection Accredited, golf clubs can ensure that their customers and staff are aware of the facts, helping create new healthy habits that will keep everyone playing, and working, in this great sport for longer.