Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement and the concept was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book ‘Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success’, in 1986. Today, kaizen is recognised worldwide as an important pillar of an organisation’s long-term competitive strategy. It is sometimes referred to as aggregation of marginal gains.

Sir Dave Brailsford the head coach for the cycling teams of Sky and Team GB utilised the principle of kaizen through the aggregation of marginal gains. Quite simply Brailsford set goals that every month for a 1% improvement in the efficiency of both the athletes and cycles. So, by the end of the year the team’s performances were at least 10% better than the previous year and Brailsford’s Sky and Olympic teams dominated the world of cycling.

So how can you utilise the concept of the kaizen and the aggregation of marginal gains to improve your golf game? As I’ve said before there are four main elements to ‘being the best golfer’ that you can be i.e. bio-mechanics, sport psychology, physical fitness and nutrition.

  1. Bio-mechanics: have lessons from your club’s PGA professional
  2. Sport psychology: have lessons from a performance coach like MyGolfMind
  3. Physical fitness: have lessons from a fully qualified golf fitness coach like Jamie Greaves (https://www.jggolffitness.co.uk)
  4. Sports nutrition: have appointments with a sports nutritionist who specialises in golfers

To be the very best that you can be you will need to fully utilise the skills of the above professionals and they will become your ‘team’. They will provide you with practice techniques to ensure that you’re in tip top condition to enable you to be given every chance of being the ‘best that you can be’.


Until next week – keep it on the fairway …

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