2020 Order of Merit Champions Crowned!

After an extraordinary season, the final places were all decided at the superb Foxhills Resort once the points were added from the Tour Championship. Congratulations to you all – we are very proud of you!
With an amazing prize table on offer (special thanks to Mr. Keith Pelley, CEO of The European Tour, and to Decathlon/Inesis), it was always going to be an exciting culmination to the season!

The Junior Open Gross Division

Order of Merit tables decided over the season always see the best rise to the top, with no place to hide over a whole year – winners have shown an ability to play everywhere and take on everyone!
Micah Blowers showed just that in the always fiercely contested, and highly prized, Junior Open Gross Division and he deservedly came out on top after a fantastic season to be crowned the 2020 Champion and add his name to the silver trophy. Harry O’Shea took second place, finishing very strongly in claiming the Tour Championship, so will undoubtedly be looking to go one better next season, while Sachin Kohli held onto third place by a single point on the final day, as Sam Epstein made a late bid for a podium place.

Junior Open Net Division

Two hundred and fifty two players played the top division this season, gaining invaluable competitive experience on their golfing journey, pitting themselves against an array of different players over many different courses.
Luca Randall made it an Order of Merit double, as he claimed the top spot having moved up to the Junior Open Division this season, after securing the 9-10 Division last year. Micah Blowers leapfrogged Maisie Whittall into second place after adding his 58 Tour Championship points, no mean feat from such a low handicap, but Maisie ought to be chuffed with her third place and season overall, doing it for the girls, and showing that they are more than a match for the boys.

11-12 Division

This is the division where in excess of 80 players looked to take advantage of the opportunity to play full courses, of the correct length for their age, and post scores that really highlight their ability.
Ronnie Groves took charge of the division early in the season, never letting go, and was never headed in pole position, taking the Order of Merit title from Bailee Taylor, who took home the runner-up trophy after a very consistent season. Josh Gardner made a late run up the table to secure third place, as he finished the season very strongly with four wins since the lockdown.

9-10 Division

An astonishing 108 players competed in 2020 in a fantastic division of undeniable ability, with the best in the UK going head-to-head right to the end, pushing each other all the way.
Fraser Walters racked up the miles, frequently coming down from Scotland and subsequently went one place better than 2019, as he moved up from second in the 7-8 Division to claim the title in the 9-10s this season.
Justin Chenu finished the season strongly after the lockdown to finish in second place, edging Oliver McDonnell into third, who did very well to return to the course for the Tour Championship after breaking his wrist just eight weeks ago to deservedly keep his podium place for the season, with the totals incredibly close.

7-8 Division

Over 70 players featured on the 2020 Order of Merit, with fantastic talent throughout.
Alexander Dunmall had a superbly consistent season, never often out of the Top 3 and, as a result, held a commanding lead for much of the season, and having added the Tour Championship to his collection, he topped the division to be crowned the 2020 OOM Champion.
Sully Donald had a storming second half of the season with some fantastic results to climb into the runner-up position, while Dominic McKenna kept hold of third place in the final standings despite a run from another Welsh talent in Oliver Hulbert.

6 & Under Division

We always wonder how many 6 & Under players will turn out at the start of a season, and this year certainly maintained the exceptional standard and high numbers of recent years, as 33 players competed over the season!
Marcus Karim edged the closest Order of Merit result possible, as he, and the new Tour Championship winner, Theo Oderinde, incredibly tied at top of the Order of Merit table! The decision came down to the number of wins throughout the season: Marcus’s 13 vs. Theo’s 8. However, both of them ought to be very proud of their efforts!
Alfie Skinner flew the flag for Wales throughout the season and thoroughly deserved his recognition by finishing third in the Order of Merit race.

Caddie of the Year
Last, but not least, we also crowned the BJGT ‘Caddie of the Year’ for 2020 and Paulie Ringer, caddie to Jenson Ringer in the 7-8 Division, took the title – a well deserved win for a caddie who received multiple nominations and who is simply a joy to be around! Runners-up were Christina Walters (caddie to Stella Walters in the 7-8 Division) and Mark Skinner (caddie to Alfie Skinner in the 6 & Under Division). Congratulations to you all!
Another fabulously exciting season, albeit with a rather large COVID-19 hole in the middle, and certainly not the 19th hole that we all prefer, but this certainly didn’t take any shine off some incredible golf and very worthy winners. If anything, the 2020 season just highlights the resilience of the BJGT and the desire of our players and caddies to be best that they can be!
With the 2020 season out of the way, we now look forward to next season with optimism and are pleased to announce the release of the 2021 schedule on Friday, 23rd October. While BJGT membership is optional, if you do intend to purchase this, please do so before Friday and ensure that you use your code prior to making payment when booking events, as this cannot be retrospectively applied.
Many thanks for your continued support!

Above are a few photos taken at the event.

They are low resolution, feel free to save them and use them. If you would like a high resolution image, with full license of use, they cost just £2.50 each, payable via PayPal to golf@juniorgolftour.co.uk

Please email us with the image number(s) that you require and we will forward the high resolution version without our logo. Before they are sent to you, each image will be edited to its best potential.

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