Caddie Bib Name Panel
Caddie Bib Name Panel
As we are a Tour which encourages the use of caddies, we have decided to introduce caddie bibs, helping us keep track of who is a spectator, and who is a caddie.

Collect your bib at the start of the day and hand it back at the end.

If you would like your name on the back of the caddie bib, £10 will buy you a name panel to keep; just stick it on each time you play.

If you would like your own caddie bib for use at the affiliated events, they are £15, and can be purchased at most BJGT run events.  The bib will be slightly different from the BJGT owned bibs, as they will not have a sponsor panel on the rear, just the panel for the player name.


Player Name Panel

Please give Surname or nickname in notes when purchasing.

Collect at first event.


Caddie Policy

Juniors are permitted one caddie to help them on the course; coaching is not allowed.
The role of the caddie is to support, advise on club selection and shot required, but they must allow the player to take responsibility for their own golf game.
Caddies are NOT permitted to give advice or assistance on the green.
Pace of play is paramount for an enjoyable round. Caddies should prepare the player for the next shot without delay in order to maintain pace with the group in front.


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