Oak Park GC: BJGT Event Information

Oak Park Junior Open and 6 & Under IMG Academy Junior World Championships Qualifier

Please ensure that you check the link again prior to the event on Sunday 10th March, as there may be updates to the start sheets.

There are two courses at Oak Park GC:

9-10, 7-8 and 6 & Under will play on the Village Course.

11-12 and Junior Open categories will play on the Woodland Course.


Event Information

Tour Policy:
We highly recommend that you read our Tour Policy.

Please register and collect your scorecard at the event desk, at least 45 minutes before your start time; this will be located in the clubhouse.

Warming Up:
This is to be undertaken on the driving range, putting green or practice facilities that the club may have. Players are not allowed to warm up on the course before the event.

Start Time:
Please make sure that you are on the putting green at least 15 minutes before your start time, then at the tee at least 10 minutes prior to your start time to meet your partners, exchange scorecards and get any final instructions. You should make sure that you watch the group ahead of you tee off, then make yourself known to the starter.

Pace of Play:
Speed of play will be vital, please make sure that you are ready to play when it is your turn, hole out where possible and walk quickly between holes.
Please make sure that you are keeping up with the group in front; if you fall behind, call the group behind you through, at the earliest possible time. Unless there is a mitigating circumstance, i.e. a ruling is required (in which case the group behind should be called through), slow play will be monitored and penalised in the usual way. If a group does not finish with 15 minutes of the group in front, a penalty of 2 strokes will be added to all players in the group.

This should be done on your scorecard as normal, but please do not sign your card until a member of the BJGT team at the scoring desk has gone through it with you and your playing partners.

Players are permitted one caddie to assist them on the course; they are there to help with pace of play by carrying the bag, handing clubs and raking bunkers, etc. A caddie will be wearing a caddie bib collected from the BJGT team at the start of the day, and they will need to return their caddie bib at the end of play. Over-coaching is not permitted, lining up is not permitted (rule 10.2b, see below) and NO assistance may be given on the green. Caddies are to stay off the greens at all times.


All events are played using standard R&A strokeplay rules.

Please make sure that you familiarise yourselves with the 2019 R&A rule changes, as the BJGT is going to be implementing these new rules in all categories.
It is a player’s and caddie’s responsibility to learn the rules of golf, and penalties will be applied if rules are broken.
Here is a link to the R&A website, where you will find great videos explaining the 2019 rule changes. https://www.randa.org/


Academy Rules
6&Under and 7-8 age groups have the following ‘Academy Rules‘; these are designed to keep the game fun, to stop younger players becoming demoralised and keep play moving:

  • 10-Shot maximum per hole
  • After 3 failed shots to escape a bunker, players may take a free drop to the side of the hazard, only counting the 3 failed shots.
  • All water hazards are considered ‘Lateral’, so take a penalty drop to the side of the hazard where possible, but should a stream cross the hole, a drop may be taken on the other side of the hazard (meaning players don’t have to hit over the water a second time).
  • Out of Bounds is considered a ‘Lateral Hazard’, so drop a ball back in play 2 club lengths from where the original shot crossed the boundary, with a 1-shot penalty.
  • Caddies may help tee the ball up when playing from the tee, although lining up is not permitted (rule 10.2b, as above).  Caddies may mark their player’s ball on the green and attend flags; it is hoped that players will learn these skills as they play on the Tour.

Distance Measuring Devices:
Range finders and GPS devices are allowed, as long as they measure distance only.

People may watch you on the way round, but they should keep off the fairways and be ahead of the group that they are watching; this will ensure that they are not in danger of being hit by, or holding up, the group behind.

After Your Round:
All players are required to present themselves at the scoring desk following their round. Failing to do so will result in disqualification. Please do not sign your card until you are at the scoring desk and have agreed scores with the official; we don’t want anyone signing for an incorrect score, so we will make sure that the computer agrees with your adding up.

Parents, players and friends will have the option to purchase meals in the clubhouse throughout the day.

This will take place in the clubhouse following the conclusion of play in each category and it would be much appreciated if everyone can stay to show their support.


Once players' scores are agreed at the scoring desk and entered into the system, the leaderboard will be shown live on our website: select Events & Info, then Live Leaderboard

6 & Under IMG Academy Junior World Championships Qualifier Course Lengths

Oak Park 7-8
IMG Junior World Golf Championships

This will be played over 18 holes, with a 20-minute rest after the first 9 holes. Players will be playing the 9-hole course, shortened to 1300 yards, twice around, totalling 2600 yards. Caddies are allowed, although coaching on the course will not be permitted.

Academy Rules do not apply at this event!

The Winner, Runner-Up 3rd and 4th place from each category, boys and girls, will win a place on the BJGT 2019 Junior World Championship Team, provided that the scoring requirement is satisfied.

Scoring conditions apply (players will not be accepted by the Junior World Championship organisers if their qualifying score is greater than 18 over par).

Qualifying players will also receive a place in the IJGA World Stars of Junior Golf, should they wish to also compete in that event.

Trophies are awarded in each group, boy/girl, depending on the following conditions:
Ten or more players – Top three.
Between four to nine players – Top two.
Three or fewer players – Winner only.