Qualification for the Grand Final is based on a player’s position in the Order of Merit following the final event of the Super Six series.
Due to the nature of the event at Park Hill, Challenge and Elite Divisions could not be allocated points due to players competing in varying age groups, playing from different tees. Therefore, the Order of Merit for these groups is based on three scores from the five regular Super Six events.

Players in the 6/Under, 7/8 and 9/10 divisions need to play four out of six events to qualify for the Order of Merit. The four best scores count.

In the event of a tie, places have been decided by using their best result from counting scores.

The following tables show all players who played the minimum number of events required to qualify for the Super Six series Order of Merit.


The following tables show all players who scored points throughout the Super Six series, including the players who have not qualified for the Order of Merit.