Golphin Advanced clubs are a big hit!

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Golphin Advanced clubs – what a pleasant surprise!

As you are aware, all winners of the nine-hole categories in our Super Six series earlier in the year won a set of the award-winning Golphin Advanced clubs from one of our sponsors, the UK junior club manufacturer, Golphin for Kids.

As a tour director and a parent of a junior golfer, I just wanted to say a little about these clubs. My 8-year old son, Luca, has been playing with the US Kids Golf Tour clubs for the past six years, firstly with the Ultralight range, and then with the Tour Series in more recent times. After an on-course approach training session, Luca’s pitching wedge snapped at the hosel, and as he is due to play a couple of tournaments in Europe over the next few weeks, this was bad timing…

Luca was lucky enough to win a set of the Golphin Advanced clubs, and although grateful for his prize, he was understandably nervous to try them. To be honest, changing club manufacturer is a big step. Well, we are so glad that he did! Luca gained around 5% in distance, but with a much higher shot. The ball seemed to penetrate the air like a bullet, and with the shorter irons, the spin was great.

The Golphin Advanced clubs are a little bit heavier than the Tour Series, and the shaft kick point is not so low, but Luca liked them from his first shot and he is now more than happy to recommend them to other junior golfers!

It would be great to hear what other players think of these clubs, so please send us a review to publish.

If you purchase a set of clubs from our online shop, this gives you free entry to one of our regular tour events.